Evolve GTX Battery Mods Now Available

The Bamboo Series GT mods, pictured above,  have been a wild success. I would like to thank everyone who sent us their Evolve Bamboos for putting their trust in us so that we can give them the experience they were probably hoping for when they bought their GT brand new to begin with. Ouch, I know. But somebody has to clean up this corporate suit mess and we're here to help. 

In the spirit of the afore mentioned mess cleaning help, I'm proud to announce that we will be doing the GTX mods as well. It claims to have a better pack, and maybe it does. However, we can still improve it by throwing it in the garbage with the rest of the shit prismatic cells and making you a new one out of glorious 18650s sent from li-ion heaven itself. So send in your new 10Ah gold plated GTX and we'll eliminate the voltage sag and give you a few more miles of range. 

You're welcome. 


  • Hey there kind sir, I was just curious if there is anyway I can buy a battery from you or do you know where to find a plug and play battery for my evolve gtx. I can only get 5 to 10 miles on my stock battery with street wheels and that’s not cool. And I can’t even use the board in fast mode without any sag. I appreciate you taking your time to read this have a great day!

    Robert Weikel
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