Evolve Mods Are Back


After taking a short break, we are now accepting orders for the Evolve battery mods again. 

Why did we stop in the first place? Well, we got a lot of them. So many, in fact, that they were interfering with other things. We were getting behind on our warranty work as well as new builds. 

Now that we're building at our own pace, building what we want, and are no longer taking orders for user defined full customs and have stopped doing a lot of ridiculous projects, we can get back to things like improving the range and performance of your terribly saggy pack. 

Thank you for your patience. 






  • Hi. I have an evolve GT. I need a new battery… Hoping to turn this love-hate relationship with my board into something that is a little more positive and healthy. What Can you do for me and what’s it going to cost and how long is it gonna take?

  • I am looking 10s5p battery
    But would u be able to make it flexible?
    I am going to mount onto a tramps street Carver deck.
    I am going to be conecting it to evolve BMS n ESC .
    Please let me know when can we do this .
    Thank u

  • Are u offering oversea shipping by now? my evolve bamboo gt needs a new battery…

    Jan Luc
  • What’s up guys I have evolve carbon GT also a bamboo GT what’s the biggest battery upgrade that can fit ? or is the ten s 4p the max. This would be me sending you my board not me doing it by myself.

    Austin Gatewood

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