Game of Thrones, guest starring Regan MacNeil

recently i acquired an adobe creative cloud subscription. naturally i picked the all you can eat buffet, but the fun always begins with photoshop. in this particular case, the fun begins with the question “what if Regan from the exorcist were to guest star in game of thrones?

things may not turn out well for joffrey and his sadistic bitch

joffrey is a little bitch, and i’d kind of like to see regan spray vomit all over him and his sadistic little woman. regan is probably the only girl he couldn’t fill with arrows and expect to just sit there and die.

was regan one of the unsullied? can khaleesi tame the possessed with her charm?

or maybe regan could be a member of the freed slave army led by khaleesi. she’s probably about as stoppable as a white walker, but khaleesi’s beauty and charm would no doubt break the ice with the demon possessed school girl.

tywin might invite her to small couincil

tywin lanister is a motherfucker. clearly the most powerful man in westeros, he can walk into a room and have the kings weeping, the guards shaking, and the fucking wine squeezing itself from the grapes. not that he needs wine at the moment, there’s motherfucking business to attend to. so hey, maybe there’s some tactical advantage to having a little girl who can scare the shit out of you while covering your armies with vomit. lets invite her to small council.

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