gentlemen: stand up for your fruit juice and liquor

fruit juice and liquor. its not just for chix

this rant is not only for myself, but for all of the other dudes out there who like mixers.

i’ve had it. i’ve had it with women telling me what i can and can not drink. i will drink fruit juice with my fucking liquor. i will fucking enjoy it as much as a fucking woman does. fuck you.

so what if at some point 30+ years ago we were trying to tell chicks that they had to drink watered down crap. if there are still dudes out there that think this way, they need to be shot. we have moved on. evolution needs to keep up.

don’t tell me it needs an umbrella. don’t tell me its a girly drink. when i pour two shots of cherry flavored brandy and fill in the rest of the glass with grapefruit juice, don’t look at me like i’m a faggot. instead, question yourself. wonder instead why you have such an aversion to the way i like my drinks. it might be because you are in fact the faggot. a closet faggot. maybe your closet faggot ass has a problem with people being honest with themselves. maybe you have that problem because you’re a miserable problem having troll.

fuck you. i’ll drink what i want. bitch.

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