LHB Is No Longer Taking Custom Commissions

Since early 2016 I have been commissioned by various members of the esk8 community to build custom electric skateboards of all types. Everything from belt drive boards on 80mm urethane to precision helical gear drive monsters on 8" tires and plenty of things in between have been built in my shop and shipped all over the world. 

Building complete boards wasn't the only work this shop took on, however. I also took commissions on custom a-la-carte batteries, repair work for people's DIY builds they sold, repair work for other esk8 companies, assembly work for other esk8 companies, and various other side work related to the electric skateboard community. 

This shop now exclusively builds designer boards

Starting now, I'm no longer taking commissions on custom builds, custom batteries, or any sort of related side work. I will also no longer be working with other esk8 companies for warranty work or assembly and shipping. While I do enjoy helping out the community in this way, I have found it to be distracting, time consuming, resource consuming, and even a detrimental conflict of interest in some cases. 

My focus now is entirely on building the boards I want to build, in small batches, and selling them ready for immediate shipping when they are complete. No more waiting. When I have a batch of boards ready, they will be listed and ready to ship the same day I take payment for them. 

I have always strived to use the best components the community has to offer, and that will continue. There will be no compromise for individual budgets or deadlines. I will build the best boards possible at my own pace, using the best parts available at the time, and they will be ready when they're ready. 

Small batches, not one offs

Building boards for an individual is great for the individual, but extremely difficult to keep track of when there are ten or more of them happening within a similar time frame. And what ultimately happens is somebody else wants one just like it. So why not just build four of five of them from the get go using characteristics that most people are looking for? That's what small batches are all about. Four or five identical boards, that have incredibly exotic flavor and performance, that will never be built exactly that way again, and will meet the desires of a sub-set of the buyers out there. 

Each batch is different

There are lots of different riders and styles of riding, and after over five years of building customs I know this better than most. Because there is no one-size-fits-all board out there, the batches I produce will vary wildly in specifications, flavor, and cost. I fully intend to build all types of boards, from more compact urethane based builds you can tuck under your arm to giant range monsters on pneumatic tires that can go 50 miles on a single charge. Some clean and simple, and some wild and venomous, from blacked out stealth to loud and obnoxious. 

What I will no longer doing

So, just to clarify, here's what I will no longer be doing:

  • I will no longer be working with other esk8 companies for assembly, shipping, or warranty repairs
  • I will no longer be taking commissions on custom boards. What I decide to build is what will be available. 
  • I will no longer be taking commissions on custom batteries of any kind.
  • I will no longer be doing repairs, upgrades, or rebuilds on third party boards of any kind. 

What I will continue doing

I will continue to offer the Evolve battery mod service for the Evolve Bamboo GT, GTX, and Carbon GT. The stock batteries in those boards are absolute shit and since a lot of people have them and are sad about the saggy packs, I feel obligated to continue serving the community in this way. I have no plans to do mods for the GTR or Hadean. Apparently Evolve woke up with those two and decided to get with the program. 

I will also continue to run the community forum at forum.esk8.news as well as remain an active contributor. This is perhaps the most important work LHB does, which is to inspire in others the desire to get involved and try out this amazing esk8 thing and perhaps even experience the joy of building their own board. 

In conclusion

  • Doing my own thing
  • Not doing anyone else's thing
  • Except evolve mods, still doing that because damn somebody has to help these people 






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