Some Things Are Changing Around Here

First I would like to thank everyone for your patience. Without you, none of this madness would be possible. I wouldn't be here, and you would wonder why the world is not as awesome and wouldn't know that it was because I wasn't here because I wouldn't be here to remind you. But enough of the pleasantries. Lets get started, shall we? 

We're no longer building whatever you want. Now we're building whatever we want. 

That's it, in a nut shell. LHB has defined itself over the last few years as the boutique of boutiques in the esk8 world where you can bring whatever insanity you want to the table. We would attack your endless list of conflicting requirements with drill presses and soldering irons and spray paint. We would listen to your child hood dreams of giant robots and your obsessions with gaming clans and your desire to commute 45 miles to work at 60 mph in spite of the fact that you don't even longboard and only found us because you were googling for an Evolve. You wanted to climb vertical hills at rediculous speeds, and we listened. You wanted huge wheels and low ratios, and we gave it to you. You had a need for inlaid electro-luminescent pot leaves and we did that for you. Intergalactic defender board? Check. Dual diagonal configuration that looks like an insect? Check. Coco Chanel inspired white on black? We did that too.

Out of the nebulous mix of wild ideas and crazy themes we found what failed and what didn't. We figured out the issues that would return boards to the shop time and time again. We started to pare down frill features and started steering our customers to configurations we knew would last longer and ride harder. And in that process of distillation, we found what you really wanted. We are now prepared to give it to you one build at a time. 

Starting now, we are building that board. What will the specs be? What shape is the deck? What kind of range and max speed? If you've been paying any attention to my instagram, you probably already know. Without revealing too much obvious info, I'll drop this hint: Witchblade GT on Boa Constrictors, Caliber IIs, and over 600 watt hours. Oooopsies, I've said to much. 

All of this leads me to my next point...

No more special projects

On occasion we would take on things like finishing somebody else's DIY build for an agreed upon amount or barter. We've had people ask us about gutting their Evolves and replacing everything with their own gear. We've had people send us detailed specs for battery layouts and we built them. We've had people get us to fix their own home-brew builds, ask us about wiring diagrams, ask for detailed recommendations and basically try to siphon a procedure for building their own board out of us. Endless emails about what to buy, where to buy it, how to wire it, and how do we operate. We're even had businesss start-ups within this industry ask us how we do things. And out of community spirit, we shared. 

We're not doing any of that anymore. It's just a giant time suck that keeps our shop filled with other people's things and doesn't let us finish the stuff we're supposed to be finishing. It keeps our inboxes full and our wallets empty. We are not spending another minute of our support time doing anything other than supporting our existing customers and courting new customers. I don't want to tell you how to wire 3 4S lipos in series when I could either be making money or spending time with my 3 year old and his mother. I do all of this shit while keeping a day job because I know that somewhere in here is enough money to get me out of debt and retire comfortably. That money is not in giving free advice to literally everyone or haggling over my hourly rate to finish your build. 

Starting now, we're simply deleting those types of requests from our support inbox without replying. If you want to learn how to build a board, you can learn here along with everyone else: 

That's where i learned, that's where everyone that's awesome learns. You should learn there too.

Yes, we're still building the Carvons. No, i'm not going to tell you anything, so stop emailing me about it.

We're not at the point where we even have a complete order list and parts arriving so that we can "just start building." There are manufacturing delays with the parts, and as of this writing, I've only been able to build and ship one board. Please stop flooding my inbox with "where's my board" and "what are all the details" and "my mom's gonna let me order one can i get it tomorrow." Starting now, we're just going to delete those messages without responding. Think of it this way: If you ordered a Fiat from your local dealership, are you going to call the factory to see where it is? If your answer is "yeah, why not?" then you're the reason I'm making this post. Stop it. 

We're taking a short break from the Evolve Mods

There's just too many of them, and we're not getting anything else done around here. Apparently some very happy customers have been spreading the word about it which was keeping us insanely busy. I had my own warranty stuff piling up because i was too busy welding evolve mod packs, so we had to pull them from the site for a minute. But don't worry, they'll be back within a month or two. 

We just need some time to sweep up, do some upgrades, answer some emails,  and get some of our new boards out the door. Once we get some things out of the way, we'll be able to get back to the Evolve battery mods. After all, we know your pack is acting terribly. They all are. What a hot mess those boards are, amirite?

Getting your shit fixed now, I swear

A few of our customers have had their boards held up in my shop for a minute now, and we're really sorry about that. At the moment I've got four boards in the car heading to FedEx tomorrow. Sorry it took so long. To the last couple of guys, i think we have resolutions in place and just need the parts to come in. 

I know its frustrating. I don't like having your shit take up my space, and you don't like not having a board. Now that we're changing things up we're getting all of this stuff done and out so we can move forward with the other stuff we need to do. 



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  • Damon – I see your point, thank you for letting us know straight and true. I now feel a little dumb having written one of these evomails. There was simply no other place i could turn to. In fact, i was a little surprised when i received a reply. my apologies. I hope, you find the balance and time to do what you really love but please don’t stop writing as you do… And i hope you never stop building these killer planks!


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