the comic about the cat food factory

our hero still as a doodle on a notepad

five episodes into the comic and it has no name. that’s ok because none of the characters do either. there’s a long haired guy, a short haired lady, and in the last episode we met a guy with a mustache who is apparently in charge of getting cat food into bags, hopefully without any employees in it. that’s all we know for sure at this point.

a little background

i thought about doing a web comic several times in the past, but had no clue where i wanted to go with it. the last thing the world needs is another weekday newspaper strip, so i knew it had to be a little different. i knew i didn’t want to focus too much on nuance office humor, and i had absolutely no desire to wax existential. whatever i did, it had to be rooted wholly in absurdism. given that the most ridiculous events to ever take place in my life have happened at work in one office job or another, i knew i wanted it to take place at some kind of facility, but what kind?

cat food: mostly harmless

i spent five years working for a manufacturer of high end power distribution equipment. despite sounding like a factory filled to the eves with professionals and giant brains, it was an assembly line of one hysterical disaster after another. in the relatively short span of time i spent there i managed to gather more material for this strip than i’ll ever need. but don’t think my current cubicle isn’t inspirational where this is concerned. every day something wonderful happens.

with all of my experiences in hand from working as a programmer for the most dysfunctional company in human history, i decided to settle on the cat food factory idea. shiny cat cat food factory was born. the combination of frustrated employees, absurdity, ridiculous situations and heavy equipment could definitely lead somewhere. but where is it all headed?

you know as much as i do

as of this writing, i have no fucking clue what’s going to happen next. i do like the idea of a continuous story line, so i make an effort to pick up where the previous week’s strip left off most of the time. as for any sort of final outcome, nothing is in stone. i will say this: i don’t plan for this to end. it will grow, and it will evolve, but the cat food factory is here to stay.

are you ever going to name this damn thing?

i don’t know. maybe? as of now its just “the comic” or “that comic on” or “the cat food comic.” i’ve even heard it referred to as “shiny cat”. that last one makes the most sense, so its a pretty strong candidate. i’m pretty sure the title of the strip will result from something completely unrelated and sufficiently idiotic like space constraints or page layout. you know how that shit works. you have a great idea and some dumbass designer ruins it for you. wait…

so instead of letting myself ruin my own good idea, i’ve decided to let you guys help me ruin it. sometime over the next few days i’ll post a poll that will let you vote on all of the strip title ideas that fell out of my ass in some drunken stupor. it just seems like the right thing to do. see you then.

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