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I've been approached by a few people now about interviews. I even had my home invaded by a Dutch film crew last October. But up until now I have not been in a position to be able to build a complete board specifically for review. I managed to build a unit for Maker Faire last fall, but then i just ended up riding it around and trashing it. So i still don't have a unit i can just send off to magazines and bloggers to try out. Sad face. 

Not too long ago i was contacted By Gear Diary (@geardiary) about an interview. After speaking to them a bit and answering some basic questions about who I am and what I like to do in my spare time and how I got myself into this mess, we decided that maybe the best thing to do is just build them a board and treat them exactly like any other customer. The only difference is they aren't buying the board, and I'll get it back when they're done. So I can trash the board later, after they review it. Now we're getting somewhere!

At first I was just going to do a deck and repackage the board that I trashed in a new deck, box, wheels, and trucks, but then i started looking at it. It needed new mounts too. And the bearings are crunchy. And.. and... so i ended up with a bin of all brand new parts, including an all new 12S 5P battery pack that i will be offering as an option soon. 

Needless to say i built the usual ridiculously fast build with a crazy amount of range and I did it totally in their own flavor. After all, that's what we do around here. Pics or it didn't happen, right? So here they are. 

Drilling holes for the box.

Box is ready for paint, and the rivet nuts are in the deck.

Rustoleum isn't the easiest to work with, but it looks like plastic when its done. I need better paint. I'm probably going to start using MTN 94 and that crazy clear-coat i heard about from now on. 

Just after I put that coke bottle glass on there. It looks all splotchy when its wet. 

The 60 Samsung INR-18650 cells i managed to cram into the box hot glued into my new triangular stacking pattern i just started using to eek more room out of the box's compartment. 

Using sensored motors means managing one more connection near the trucks. This is what i came up with. Obviously this will evolve.

Those two flat lines are the sensor wires running from the riser to the box. I'm going to figure out how to hide them completely at some point soon, but this looks very clean for now. 

assembled, wired up, and powered on. 

that box is glossy af.   

the gear turned out well. This board is basically a ridable Gear Diary logo. I even forgot to put my own logo under the glass. LOL

Those blue wheels and green trucks, and that bare wood around the edge. I usually don't do that. It looks nice. 


you can clearly see my unique soft-dome w-concave in this shot. 

one of my favorite angles. These board look as fast as they are. 

mmm. That hard rock maple. 

and there's my LHB Totally Bitchin' 190 KVS sensored 6355 motors. Slap yo mama good. 

They sent me some stickers with thier logo, so i put one on the tail to tie all the colors together. I also added my chrome logo to the box since i forgot to put it on the top. 

The specs on this board are as follows:

  • dual rear drive
  • twin 6355 LHB Totally Bitchin' 190KVS sensored brushless outrunners
  • 60 Samsung INR-18650-25R cells arranged in a 12S5P pack for a total of 537 watt hours of power
  • twin VESC-X motor controllers by Enertion
  • Steeze remote from MayTech
  • 83mm wheels
  • 33T LHB wheel pulleys
  • 15T Enertion motor pulleys
  • 9mm x 255mm HTD-5M belts from BesTorque
  • modified Vedder antispark switch with 75v mosfets
  • fuel guage
  • 4 amp charger for 2.5-3hr charge time
  • 38mph theoretical top speed, likely 35 actual with 150 pound rider
  • ~30 miles of range at ~20mph with ~150 pound rider
  • bones reds racer bearings
  • caliber II trucks
  • matching blue hardware
  • Torqueboards motor mounts
  • 60amp BatterySupports BMS
  • Free tshirt. I promised them a clean white shirt for when they shit themselves. But what they don't know is I always give a free shirt with my boards! So sneaky!

So now I ship it to them and wait for them to rain down upon me all the cash and fame I've been waiting for. I'd settle for just the cash, but it seems I've only ended up with fame so far. Maybe this review will change some of that. Here's hoping! In the mean time i'm figuring out how to operate on zero sleep. 


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