the irrelevancy of sexual orientation

Entirely too much focus has been given to the sexual orientation of people by the media. It is my opinion that a person’s sexual orientation is irrelevant beyond the boundaries of the relationship that the person is in. Unfortunately, very few people seem to feel this way. Unfortunately there are still fag hating cross burning bigots out there who give us reason to glorify the fact that two guys are are in love. You know, in the name of equal rights and all that.

Not too long ago I read an article addressing the idea that it would be somehow irresponsible not to disclose the sexual preferences of respected and successful leaders. The idea is that because some homosexuals are successful, they should serve as some kind of inspiration to the rest of the oppressed and that the media has some kind of responsibility to make it clear how homosexuals can contribute to society in a meaningful way. I find this to be nothing more than an excuse to get into the pants of celebrities. Not to mention a way to sell more rags with topical tripe. Not to mention blatantly patronizing to any freethinking homosexual individual.

Nobody gives a rat’s ass about the middle class homosexual, bisexual, transvestite, hermaphrodite, or transsexual. I’m sure countless true-to-life stories have been written and published about their trials and tribulations, but they certainly aren’t in the headlines. But the few at the top matter somehow, and I think for the same reasons that Americans care about Kid Cudi lighting a cigarette. They simply have a lust for irrelevant, pointless drivel.

Is it a sad and horrible thing that the gay and lesbian communities are having to endure legal and social hardships in an ongoing struggle to achieve the same basic rights as everyone else? Of course it is. Does a man’s distaste for McVaggie have any bearing whatsoever on his ability to make financial or policy decisions in a meaningful and potentially influential way? No. It absolutely does not. But we like to think it does. We like to think it does because deep down inside we still fear or loath anything we don’t understand or that is different than we are.

The problem isn’t the homosexuals. The problem is you and your appetite for the inside scoop on the personal flavorings of other human beings. The problem is that you keep tuning in when the Smut Show declares war on our sensibilities by broadcasting irrelevancies across the country, further tainting the popular opinion with sensationalist chum.

I dare to say that the primary reason human rights still aren’t equal is that support for this brand of bigotry is shoved between the lines of almost every media broadcast having anything to do with the matter. In the name of raising questions they simply remind us that we should still be asking if it is ok for certain human beings to not have equal rights instead of demanding that everyone be treated equally. Shit sells. Thank your bad taste and morbid curiosities.

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