The Joker Build and My New Paint

I've been wanting to step up my paint game for quite some time. Up until now i've been using off the shelf paint and stains such as Valspar and Minwax products and they look really good most of the time. I may continue to use them for some things but where artwork is concerned, I have recently seen the light. 

An internet friend of mine who is also into making skateboards got in touch with me over instagram one day. He said "hey bro, you have to try this stuff right here" and started sending me pics of works he had done using stencils and MTN 94 spray paint. As soon as i realized what was going on, I immediately knew what i had to do. I had to have that spray paint and I had to have something to make stencils. 

A short while passed and a new customer came along looking for a Joker themed build. HE sent me images of the Joker and we settled on some ideas. These ideas, it turned out, would be the perfect excuse to go buy a Silhouette Cameo. 

That's it on the left in the image above. I've been drooling over the Cameo at Michael's for years. When they first showed up, they were ridiculously expensive for what basically amounts to an inkjet with a razor blade for a head. But the price came down, and i was able to get this one at a reasonable price just in time to learn how to do layered spot color using high quality spray paint and die cut stencils.  Since I was already familiar with Illustrator and have a Creative Cloud subscription, I was able to just get the Cameo plugin and send shapes directly to it from Illustrator. The process couldn't be easier. As long as you're using the Silhouette Stencil Material that's like $5.00 a fucking foot. 

Once you get the hang of it though, its pretty easy. I started with a siumple four color image of the Joker in Illustrator and put each color on its own layer as a set of filled paths.  

Then i sent each layer to the silhouette, cut the stencils, taped them on, masked them out and sprayed the paint.

At this point I'm basically shitting my own pants. The possibilities are now endless. My mind is already racing with ideas of letting people upload their own artwork and all kinds of things. But that's for later. For now, I just needed to finish up this build, so i did. 

And it turned out pretty well. Not only is this one of my favorite works as far as art goes (I'm a huge fan of the Joker) but its definitely my favorite build configuration. This is essentially what i use on my daily rider. It's a 12S5P on sensored 6355 motors using a 16/32 ratio on purple Orangutan Kegels with Caliber II trucks on my Scarlet Classic deck. Its not a slow board at all, with a top end north of 35mph. Hopefully the Bat Mobile can keep up. 

Of course i have already sprayed walls and doors with stencils because i can't help myself. Hopefully more people will order interesting things on their decks now that I AM UNSTOPPABLE. 




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