We are building the Carvon Evos and Exos, and all the other stuff we always do

Not exactly a well kept secret, it was announced on Kickstarter a while back that LHB FES would be building Carvon's Evo and Exo models backed on Kickstarter. All of that is true, and here's some more nitty gritty. 

While waiting for motors and other parts to arrive, I've been getting the shop ready for building these things out. That means a lot of jig construction, figuring out what works and what doesn't, and generally gearing up to have an assembly line that can shell these things out as efficiently as possible while still providing the highest level of build quality we can. 

So far the biggest hurdle we've faced, other than finding a suitable method of pairing these alien shaped decks filled with enticing yet challenging curves with boxes that don't take away from the mystique, has been the anticipation of getting these things started. I'm literally so pumped about these that i can't stop squealing like a teenage girl at a boy band concert. That annoys people, and gets in the way of progress. I'm working on it though, I promise!

At the time of this writing, we're almost ready to assemble the first board off the line. Box pairing is almost complete, more parts will be shipping to us soon, and we have the parts for the very first assemble test on hand, which is enough for one board to not only test assembly methods but also street testing for any issues with tuning or electronics. 

Our goal is to start fulfilling orders, which means shipping boards, before the end of January. We're on track for that now, and we don't expect any delays. If there are delays, our plan is simple: to point fingers and blame everyone but ourselves, of course! That always works!

The Other Stuff

A lot of you are also wondering if my tiny shop will be able to handle this in addition to my regular business of building custom completes and modding Evolves. The evolve mods will continue but the turn around time will most likely increase to a week so that we can knock them all out on a particular day at a fixed interval and ship them back out in batches. Custom completes will continue, but we're going to be more picky about what we build and the price will likely increase on those. We will also be releasing a designer line of non custom completes in 2018 as well with a number of new features never before seen in my boards. New remotes, new electronics for battery management, and possibly a new drive system. 

We are growing, and we have you to thank for it. Your support, along with Carvon's faith in us and the support of both the community and our beloved customers is directly responsible for our success, both now and in the future. Thank you, and it has been our pleasure to be here for you and post all manner of skate porn on the intarwebs. Happy Holidays!





  • Hello. I just want to know if you have received all the parts and started building the Carvon Evo 2wd R yet? I’m just a customer of Carvon that paid for an Evo 2wd R months ago and I want to know what is the real progress. I know that you are just the builder of the Evo’s. Are our boards actually being built now? Thanks, Jermel

    Jermel West

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