We've moved to Shopify!

After an extremely busy year developing work flows and processes, I had to come to terms with the fact that Wordpress simply wasn't serving my needs adequately. What I had was a  powerful blogging platform that would let me modify it however i want with incredible theming capabilities and the ability to integrate a store as a plug-in. It was a powerful blog with some store functionality. What i needed was a powerful store with some blog post and page functionality that could be themed.

Shopify delivers on both counts, and in fact surpasses my wildest expectiations with API and theming functionalities that will allow me to customize the shopping and board  building experience in ways i've been planning for quite some time but didn't quite know how to execute.

With that said,i'm starting the new shop with several items of which i have a small suplus. I will no longer be drop shipping or selling extraneous third party parts. Everything in my inventory will be things that i actually have on hand and use in my builds, including my own branded parts and potentially some small DIY kits for things like adapters and eswitches.

Over the next year you are also going to see a gradual change in the way my customers configure and order boards that will hopefully bring more options, benefits, configurations, and generally a more interesting experience to the ordering process of custom completes. It might become a thing, it might not. It might turn the esk8 market on its head.

You will also see an increase in branded components as i add items to my store over the next year. Things will come and go and change as i continue to build this crazy business out of nothing.

Try to keep up.




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