FOCBOX Electric Skateboard Motor Controller

FOCBOX Electric Skateboard Motor Controller

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Enertion FocBox

One of the best and most reliable ESCs money can buy for an electric skateboard, the Enertion FOCBOX has it all. And at a decent price, it really provides the bang for the buck. This is the controller I use in all my ridiculous 12S boards, so you know it handles 12S just dandy and that this isn't just some marketing bullet point.   


Don't forget to download the software! FOCBOX is based on VESC 4.12 hardware. 

Windows | Mac

You can also compile your own BLDC Tool specifically for your platform or application. Check out the source code for BLDC Tool:

Get access to the firmware here:

And don't be afraid to seek help from the amazing esk8 builders community at


3 month replacement warranty for defective units installed by the customer, 1 year for units installed by us. Damage incurred during installation or improper installation will void the warranty. Basically, if you put it in wrong and fry it, i'm not replacing it for free. If you put it in and it works correctly for a while, then it fries on its own out of nowhere, I'll replace it for free within the first three months. 

Features and Specifications as stated by the manufacturer

  • Built into protective hard case
  • Aluminum heatsink included
  • 5V 1A Output for external devices
  • Regenerative braking charges battery
  • Sensored, Sensorless, and Hybrid Motor Control
  • Powerful and adjustable start up torque on sensorless motors
  • Micro USB interface
  • Voltage rating of components 8V-50V
  • Compatible battery 3S to 12S
  • Actual, dependable operation at 12S. Not just a bullet point. 
  • 300A Peak Current Limit 
  • 60A Continuous Current
  • Main PCB: 60mm x 60mm
  • Hard Case Footprint: 64mm x 64mm
  • Hard Case Height: 22mm
  • Motor Wires: 50mm 14AWG
  • Power Wire & XT 60 Plug: 40mm
  • Mounting Hole pattern: 15mm X 30mm 
  • Over Voltage protection
  • Current and voltage monitoring on all phases
  • Field Oriented Control
  • RPM-based phase advance (field weakening)
  • Rapid duty cycle changes
  • High RPM & RPM Limits (bi-directional)
  • Soft backoff for over current & over temp

 Please Support Benjamin Vedder

The FocBox is directly based on the VESC motor controller. More information about the VESC, its origins, and how it all works can be found here:

Ben is literally the father of the VESC, which is the Vedder Electronic Speed Controller. If you're here, shopping on my site, then you most likely know what a VESC is already, and may even know some of its history. The Enertion FocBox is based on the VESC, as are a whole lot of other motor controllers out there. The good news is that Ben is an awesome person and the open source VESC based speed controllers are incredible. The bad news is that not everyone who manufactures a VESC based speed controller supports Ben's open source work by donating or giving back. 

That means its up to you and me to help Ben keep his work going. The easiest way to support Ben's work is by donating money directly to his paypal account. Thank you for supporting our community and Ben's work.