Witchblade GT Custom Edition

Witchblade GT Custom Edition

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Forget everything you've come to know about electric skateboards. Forget the gimmicks, the mediocre performance, and the limited range. You want something that will take you far and fast. You want something that will smash everything else on the road and look amazing while doing it. 

Dripping wet melted candy aesthetics, opalescent black glass grip, red veneer face layers, aggressive shape, and 100mm Boa Constrictor wheels should be enough to make any mass produced commercial board owner insanely jealous. Oh, and a little bit of chrome because I say so. But maybe wet jolly ranchers aren't your thing, so if you want, we can even customize the paint, wheels, and pulley ratio to your liking. 

Not just incredibly good looking

Don't let this pretty little thing fool you. This board will destroy your friends' rigs. Like in most wild fucking animals, aggressive angles and bright colors are a threat here. A threat to anyone trying to outrun or out ride you, that is. Depending on rider weight, the Witchblade GT can casually take you over 35 mph at full throttle and stay extremely stable while doing it. And if you're more of a 25 mph and below kind of rider, you can expect to get about 25-30 miles, maybe more out of this beast before needing a charge. 

After sale DIY upgrades and tweaks

With some after market tweaks you can get even more customization out of the Witchblade GT. Additional wheel pulley sizes are available for Orangatang Kegel core style wheels, along with additional wheel pulley types for ABEC 11 wheels and clones. With two different wheel core types and multiple tooth counts available, the options are pretty open for wheel upgrades. That means you can increase your top speed and range or get more toque later if you want. 

The default specifications speak for themselves

  • 100mm Boa Constrictor wheels for maximum thane awesomeness
  • 16/36 motor to wheel pulley ratio
  • Boa Black Belly ceramic bearings because why the fuck not
  • Genuine Caliber E trucks
  • 12S 5P Samsung 30Q battery pack for 50.4 volts max charge at 15 Amp hours, 60 Amps peak. Crushing it. 
  • Twin LHB Totally Bitchin' 6355 sensored motors
  • Dual FocBox motor controllers
  • Traction control
  • Regenerative braking
  • Battery Management System with over discharge protection for longer pack life
  • Orangatang Kegel compatible wheel pulleys allow for wheels swaps with a number of popular Labeda type wheels, including Orangatang Kegels, Ollin Popocas, Orangatang Caguama, and optional additional pulley sizes available after purchase to allow for smaller wheels such as Ahmyo Akasha. 
  • 33+ mph top speed
  • 30+ mile range
  • 2.4 Ghz remote
  • 9mm belts for minimal rolling resistance while allowing for plenty of torque transfer
  • LCD battery charge level indicator
  • 4 Amp 50.4v battery charger 

Unique and built to order

Each board is built to order. That means I start building it when you place the order. It also means you don't have to have it in red, and you can have a say in your pulley ratio. If you would like it in another color or non-standard gearing, just contact me via the contact form and include your order number along with some details about what you want. Seriously, if you want hello kitty on your shit, we can do that. But in spite of our genius, we are a small shop and we do stay busy, so please allow up to 90 days for completion. Most custom orders do not take that long to fulfill, however, because we prefer working to sleeping or eating. 

Enjoying the warranty

90 day warranty parts and labor included is the deal. If it breaks in the first 90 days, send it back and we'll fix it and cover return shipping. After the first 90 days we'll cover labor and return shipping, but not parts. After three months of riding, who knows what you did to it. But I won't leave you hanging, you just have to buy the parts. That sounds worse than it is. We don't use shitty parts, so when something fails, its usually a quick and easy, and free, fix. That second part after the first 90 days doesn't end, either. You will get free labor and free installation on board tweaks and repairs for the life of the board. Short of being reduced to a molten pool of smoldering lithium by a careless driver's vehicle, you have some options basically forever. 

We are now able to ship overseas, and international customers may not want to return the board for repairs to the US due to prohibitive shipping costs. In the event that you need help with your board, we will work with you to find someone on your side of the ocean to help you or we will assist you ourselves remotely. We have friends in a lot of places. 

Voiding the warranty

It's easy! just break the seal on the electronics enclosure or remove the motor mounts or motors and the warranty will be voided. Basically that means i won't help you for free anymore. But don't despair! This is an amazing new world you've entered. You see, everything we use in our boards are components that are available to a thriving  DIY community that loves everything relating to electric skateboarding and welcomes anyone enthusiastic about building and modifying electric skateboards. Voiding my warranty is the first step to a life you will never regret becoming a part of. Soon you'll be bitten by the esk8 bug like the rest of us and will be trying new parts and new configurations and adding your own flavor to your ride, and who knows, you may even build your own one day!


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