12S Eswitch Complete DIY Kit

12S Eswitch Complete DIY Kit

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Need a complete eswitch solution for your  esk8? This kit will work on boards up to 12S reliably and can handle the regen currents generated during hard braking. Kit includes:

  • modified vedder antispark switch PCB
  • 6" 10awg flexible red silicone wire
  • 6" 10awg flexible black silicone wire
  • 3-PIN SPDT rocker switch
  • 1 male and 1 female XT60 connector
  • Servo wires for making a switch connector
  • 4mm heat shrink for rocker switch connections
  • 7mm heat shrink for 10awg wire to xt60 connections
  • 60mm clear heat shrink for switch package wrapping
  • Satisfaction of doing something awesome all by yourself

Tools Required:

  • Soldering iron and solder
  • heat gun, small torch, or lighter for heat shrink
  • your brains