Evolve Carbon GT, Bamboo Series GT and GTX Battery Mod

Evolve Carbon GT, Bamboo Series GT and GTX Battery Mod

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Love your Evolve Carbon GT or Bamboo Series GT or GTX  but hate the battery life and range? Send it to me and let me upgrade it to an 18650 based 10S4P lithium ion pack. You buy the cells you want to get the amp hours and discharge curve you like, and send them directly to me. Then I will make a flexy pack out of them and replace your existing 36v 7ah (or 10ah, still lame!) prismatic pack with it. This service includes: 

  • modifying your deck to accept the taller pack (on Bamboo series)
  • tacking together the cells you send me and using your existing components to make the new pack
  • installing the new pack and leaving you with a ride that looks completely stock but has tons of range it didn't have before. 
  • giving you the ability to leave your friends charging at home while you make the munchies run. 

So how does it work?

    1. Buy the service. Once i get the notification of your purchase, i will shoot you an email with the mailing address you need to ship me the board. 
    2. Buy the cells. They must be a flat top 18650, and you need 40 of them. No other cell size will fit, and no other cell count will work. If you don't know what cells to get or where to get them, get these Samsung 30Q cells from liionwholesale.com. If those are sold out or otherwise not available, the next best cell is the LG HG2 which is a little more expensive with similar performance. 
    3. Ship the cells directly to me at checkout using the address I gave you.
    4. Wait for me to receive the board and perform the requisite alchemy and black magic.
    5. When I'm done, I ship the fully assembled and freshly modified board back to you with no outward indication that anything has been done to it. It will look completely stock, and i will cover return shipping.
    6. Tell all your friends you got LHB's evolve mod and make them jealous, then just stare at all of them smugly.