About Long Haired Boy and the Shop

LHB FES, LLC is located in sunny central Florida, USA. More precisely, we're in Ocoee, about 10 miles west of downtown Orlando. We are proud to be among the first esk8ers in Florida and the first custom electric board shop here as well. 

Services we provide

  • Fully custom electric skateboards focused on street applications with a variety of options
  • Custom one-off battery building services for not just electric skateboards and mountain boards, but any application. We can build packs using whatever cells you like for almost any personal electric vehicle or other application. 
  • After market battery modifications for Evolve skateboards.
  • General electric skateboard repair services including but not limited to broken charge ports, component upgrades or replacements, deck customization, and minor maintenance tasks like bearing and bushing swaps and re-grips.
  • Small batch electric skateboard assembly, wiring, battery construction, shipping, and warranty services for other electric skateboard companies including Bioboards and ArcBoards.
  • Maintaining the best forum ever for learning and growing in esk8. 

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us