About Long Haired Boy and the Shop

LHB FES, LLC is located in sunny central Florida, USA. We are proud to be among the first esk8ers in Florida and the first custom electric board shop here as well. 

I've been accused of being a creative person. The truth is I just like to make things and get my hands dirty. That's why I've started down this long and fascinating road of bringing electric skateboard joy to central Florida and beyond.

When I'm not in my shop making electric skateboards, or planning my next electric skateboard, or ordering parts for my electric skateboards, or out riding my electric skateboards, or dreaming about the future of electric skateboards, I also like to do other things. For example, I like to write about my adventures in making electric skateboards. I also like to record music, draw, make weird things out of junk, and spend time with my family.

And believe it or not, I even have a few longboards that aren't electric that I like to push around on with my kids. I wouldn't be able to do any of this without the support of my family. Without their encouragement, I'm sure I would have rage quit already and blown all my money on a storm trooper costume.

So help a brother feed his kids and buy one of my complete electric skateboards.