About Long Haired Boy and the Shop

LHB FES, LLC is located in sunny central Florida, USA. More precisely, we're in Ocoee, about 10 miles west of downtown Orlando. We are proud to be among the first esk8ers in Florida and the first electric board shop here as well. 

A Brief History

LHB started producing custom commissioned electric skateboards in 2016, and by 2020 we had agreements with multiple electric skateboard brands for production and warranty work and were producing batteries for DIY builds as well as servicing other brands unofficially. But by mid 2021 LHB switched focus entirely to producing small batches of designer electric skateboards and is no longer taking custom commissions or working with other board companies. 

Active In The Community

We remain active in the electric skateboard community and run a very successful DIY electric skateboard builder's forum located at forum.esk8.news with a ton of active members and plenty of information to help you get into building your own awesome board or help you modify the one you have. This community is responsible for developing a lot of the high quality products used in our builds and remains focused pushing the entire industry forward with their innovations. We encourage you to be a part of it. 

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us