Let Us Build You A Custom Electric Skateboard

Why settle for anything less than a gorgeous steeze monster like this from Long Haired Boy? Stunning aesthetics, uncompromising power, and the service and support to back it up. I mean seriously, look at this shit. Why wouldn't you want one?

Each board we build is hand crafted. Completely. That means we press and cut our own decks, build our own battery packs, brush on our own poly and mount our own motors on our own motor mounts. We wire all of the electronics into our own boxes that we designed and only use components that we have tried, ridden on ourselves, and have brutally tested on the street. 

When buying one of our hand built boards, you are benefiting from all of our successes and failures. To arrive at our current design, we tried and saw fail a vast number of configuration options and methods. We kept what worked and ditched what didn't. We shredded a lot of wheels. We burned up a lot of motor controllers. We smashed decks and ran motors into the dirt. We rode hard and rattled everything loose so we could see what works and what's total shit.

 And we're not stopping. We find new tech and new improvements all the time that will make our boards go faster, go farther, and be a greater pleasure to ride. And of course each edition will have its own flavor. The Candy Crusher edition pictured here is just the beginning. We have many, many aesthetic themes and configuration ideas in the works and will be evolving slightly with every board built and sold, which is how we do it. One board built and sold at a time. 

So what do you say? Want to ride something special? Keep an eye on our shop and you might catch one before its gone. After all, they don't just ride fast. They sell fast too.