Hand Built Designer Electric Skateboards By Long Haired Boy

Since 2016 LHB has been associated with some of the finest custom commissioned electric skateboards ever to hit the street. Unique artwork, precision components, and high performance set these boards apart from the crowd. 

By the end of 2020 this era began coming to a close so that a newer, more expressionate era could begin. By mid 2021, the focus was changed entirely to small batch designer boards. 

What are small batch designer electric skateboards?

Simply put, small batch designer boards are exactly that. A small number, for example anywhere between 4 and 10 boards, are produced at a time in a batch. Each batch of boards is distinct in flavor, type, and performance. One batch may be larger AT types with huge batteries and pneumatic tires on gear drives, while another batch may be smaller, sleeker, lighter weight boards on urethane wheels and belt drives. These batches will likely never be produced again, would have unique artwork, and would use the highest quality components available at the time, allowing them to be among the highest performance electric skateboards available on the market. 

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