Let Me Build You A Custom Electric Skateboard

Looking for something different? Maybe you’re not interested in factory made cookie-cutter electric skateboards with lower than expected performance. Maybe you don’t want to run out of juice just trying to get a slurpy at the 7-11 down the street. Maybe carbon fiber doesn’t suit you and you want to feel that lovely hard rock maple under your feet.

Maybe you want to make your friends jealous and leave cyclists in the dust. Maybe you want to get 20 miles out of your electric skateboard and maybe you want to hit top speeds over 30 mph on occasion just to get that rush. Maybe what you want is a grossly over powered rocket stick on a hand crafted deck customized to your specific taste by none other than…

hand crafted

Scarlet Classic and Witchblade cutouts in the raw before sanding

Every single board is hand crafted starting with my Scarlet decks. I press them myself in a press that I built using a wooden mold I designed and had made specifically for this. My decks are 9 ply hard rock maple and are glued by hand, pressed in a hand built press, cut out and shaped by hand, and stained by hand. Except for the wire channels, i have a robot for that. Eventually after i get enough business these decks will all be robot crafted so i can sip cocktails and make battery packs. But not at the same time, that would be bad. I also fab my own electronics boxes and build my own battery packs to order.

you can see the wire channel terminals have just been inserted

staining around the wire channels with a detail brush

Using only premium components means you can trust the hardware to haul your ass at whatever ridiculous speed you are comfortable with. It also means you can worry less about things flying apart or catching fire or anything stupid like that when you do. These boards are packed with juice and you should easily see 20 miles in a single charge while derping around at 15-18mph. But remember, hauling ass at ridiculous speeds will reduce your over all range, but at these watt hours its still going to see more miles than most commercial options. You might be able to do 27-30mph on your board but you’re going to cut your range down a bit by doing so.

customized to your flavor

black and red dual drive 12S4P build for a lucky customer

Want specific colors? Have an idea for a cutout shape? Want to use 100mm off road wheels instead of the 83mm street wheels? You got it. The whole reason for having this esk8 builder is to give you what you are looking for. I can’t build on third party decks, which is kind of a bummer, I know. Sorry about that.


You get one. If anything goes wrong with the board that wasn’t caused by something really dumb that you did in the first 90 days then i will email you a return label so you can pack up your board in the box it came in and send it back to me on my dime. Then i’ll fix it and send it back to you. For free. This includes mysterious electronic failures, drive trains coming loose, boxes breaking, decks delaminating, or anything else that is clearly my fault and not the result of you playing Evel Knievel.

After the first 90 days I’ll still pay for shipping and labor but i will have to charge for the cost of replacement parts should something need to be replaced and not simply adjusted or reconnected, etc.

Lastly, my boards are built using the most premium parts made available by the DIY community. That means they’re 100% hackable and available for purchase on their home sites. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about hacking your new board but once you start messing around in the box the warranty will be void and you’ll be on your own. I’m a nice guy though, so i’ll still be around to answer questions. Just don’t expect me to fix it for free if you fry something.


Anything else I should know?

Yes: Ride responsibly! Here’s what i mean by that:

  • Wear pads also, and if you’re planning on cruising at high speeds, get some body armor or leathers.
  • Know your terrain. Riding in unfamiliar territory at high speed can be dangerous for you and everyone around you, so know what’s around that next corner.
  • Be courteous. Other people are out there on bikes, boards, roller blades, power chairs, feet, skates, hover boards, rip sticks, power wheels, and paws. Don’t be a dick. Slow down around other peeps and let them know you’re there.
  • Stop at intersections. Cars don’t give two shits about you, they think they have the right away over pedestrians, cyclists, and everyone else. Often right turn signals activate while the crosswalk signal is on, and cars don’t always see you anyway.
  • If somebody tells you to get that ridiculous thing out of their parking lot, do so. Don’t be a douche about it.
  • Don’t ride in the rain and stay out of the water. i do what i can to weather,water, and dirt proof the electronics but I don’t need help testing that. If you splash through puddles or ride in a downpour and end up with a dead board, I’m not going to pay for your replacement parts. Consider yourself warned.
  • I ship extra belts with every board, and all you need to replace them is a skate tool and a 10mm wrench to adjust tension. I reccommend getting a wrench with a ratcheting box end, Autozone has them for $15.
  • Some dogs hate these things. Mostly little dogs. I think maybe its the high frequency sound output of the motors above our human hearing range, but who knows.
  • Squirrels will try to kill you. Hitting a squirrel at full speed could potentially cause you to eat asphalt. Unlike rocks and sticks, squirrels are suicidal maniacs and tend to run directly at you. If you carve too hard to avoid them you could bail, and if you hit one you could street your face, not to mention fill your belts and motors with fur and guts. There’s basically no way to avoid this, so just be aware of them.
  • Don’t let total strangers try out your board unless you feel really good about them. They’ll probably just take off on it. My boards are definitely worth stealing.

fine electric skateboards from Long Haired Boy

So tell me what you want using the builder below and I’ll email you back when you check out to get your input on the design. Once we have a shape and color theme you like, I'll start building your mad beast of a board. That’s where the fun begins! If you’re not on Instagram, get on it. That’s where I like to publish every step of the build process in beautiful photos of all of your board’s gory innards. Follow me @longhairedboy on Instagram and let me know your username, and I’ll tag you in all the pics of your stuff so you’ll have it to keep and share with your friends. And of course you can email me at any time with all the questions you can think of because you paid me for this service and that’s what you get. Service.

That’s me and my personal ride imitating my logo

So what are you waiting for?

Every order now comes with an LHB t-shirt, extra belts, and a set of Shredlights brand skateboard headlights and tail lights. Cracks kill, light up your path!

And don’t forget your pads and helmet! DON’T STREET YOUR FACE!

  • deck
  • wheels
  • pulleys
  • battery
  • esc
  • summary

choose your deck

Select one of our three house deck shapes made with our distinct soft-dome w-concave profile. Each deck is pressed and cut to order in our shop.

bearings and wheels

Choose the right wheels and bearings for you. Top speed freaks may want ceramic bearings and taller wheels, while commuters and casual riders may want shorter wheels and bones reds.

wheel pulleys

Taller pulleys put more torque down on the road, while smaller ones have a less torquey start but have a higher top end speed. Try to achieve the balance that meets your needs.

select power level

More watt hours means more range at higher speeds, but you may not need all that power for commuting or weekend rides and maybe you like to save a buck or two. Options are good.

brains for the brawn

Choose the ESC that's right for you. If you're more of a casual rider, the AXLE can save you a buck and still deliver the polished feel you're looking for. If you know you're going to be pushing the limits of your board on a regular basis, get the VESC-X.

build summary

* Top speed shown here is an estimate based on a 150 to 160 pound rider. Calculations were made using nominal battery voltages, motor kv, pulley ratios, wheel height, and an 80% efficiancy. This may or may not reflect real world performance for riders outside of that weight range.

** Range is an estimate based on total watt hours of the pack and assumes a rider weight of 150 to 160 pounds and a travel speed of 18-20mph on mostly flat terrin with some hills. Range is directly affected by rider weight, speed, and terrain.