Custom Built Electric Skateboards By Long Haired Boy

Building beautiful, one of a kind street boards that go fast is our passion. Each board is unique not only in appearance, but also in performance. And we ride what we build, so we know what you'll be getting when you commission a build. We can build on several popular decks, including our own Witchblade GT and GTD shown here.

What makes our boards special is the choices you can make. You get a say in almost every aspect of your custom build, including the drive system. Your choice of drive systems will affect everything from power delivery to maintenance to range and top speed and even the sound your board will make.

We've tried gears, belts, and direct drives on our own boards that we ride every day, so we are familiar with the behavior of all three. All are very different and have unique pros and cons associated with each. We'll be happy to work with you to make the best choice for the way you ride.

hand crafted power

The battery is the heart and soul of any electric skateboard. We build each battery pack in house by hand to meet the power, flex, twist, and abuse demands that your particular custom build will put on it. All packs are built with your choice of Samsung 30Q or 40T cells unless otherwise requested.

You even get a choice about your remote. There are several brands available and we can help find the one right for you. The only thing you don't get to pick is the system voltage, cell chemistry, and motor controller. All of our boards run at 44.4 volts nominal (12S lithium-ion, 50.4v max charge). Motor controller availability can vary wildly, so we choose the best one we can get at the time.

it's all about you

Choice of pneumatic tires or urethane is a personal one. Maybe your streets are smooth and delicious and you want to take advantage of the range maximizing characteristics of good thane. Or maybe your streets are terrible and you're willing to sacrifice range for comfort and traction. Maybe you just like rubber more than thane. Either way, we've got you.

But what good is performance and style without flavor? Don't worry, everyone will know you got an LHB by the level of finish. Whether you want your ride totally blacked out with quality grip tape or customized with your artwork, color theme, and clear glass grip to show off your personality, or somewhere in between, we can work with you to make your custom board completely yours.

To add graphics we use a die-cut vinyl and spray process that leaves crisp and clean images over bare, painted, or stained surfaces. Then we cover that with polyurethane and clear or colored glass frit to grip it. The result is a beautiful and functional finish.

Do not be afraid to use your deck customization to maximize your personality. When we say we want to make it all about you, we mean it. Drive systems, batteries and electronics affect performance, but nothing affects presence like a finish as bold as the board is powerful.

service after the sale

If anything goes wrong on your new electric skateboard, send it back and we'll get you squared away. While every board is a custom work of art and cannot be refunded or exchanged, we will service your board for as long as you have it. If you receive your board and something isn't right, repairs are totally free. Damage repairs, upgrades, and component replacement due to riding will be charged for parts and the labor required to service the board correctly.

Things we will not do

Our desire is to build you your dream board. However, over the last several years we have found some things that don't work well long term, and some things that won't even work short term. If anything you suggest could present a problem, we will discuss it and if at all possible, try to find a good alternative.

Two of the things we cannot guarantee are precise range and top speed. We will not promise you will be able to go a particular number of miles or achieve a particular speed. While we can give you approximates based on theory, we cannot and will not promise a hard number on either of those aspects. Please understand that it is impossible to do so.

How do we get started and how long will it take?

Well, obviously you can't just order these off the shelf. So how does it work? Simple. Just tell us what you're looking for. We'll respond with what's possible and probably a lot of questions, as well as advice and some expectation management. We'll discuss your riding style, options and the associated trade offs, and any aesthetic ideas you may have.

Once we agree on what we are building, We'll send you a PayPal invoice that can be paid via credit or debit card, as well as via paypal account funds. After the invoice is paid, all of the parts will be ordered and when they arrive construction will begin on your new ride. Then when its done, we pack it up and ship it to your door.

Due to component availability and ship times, build times may vary. Because of that, we typically allow 6-8 weeks for a build to be completed. Often they are completed in less time, but sometimes things can be held up at a factory or even in the mail. The components we use are premium and often purchased from other countries.

What are you waiting for? Hit us up!