Fixed Angle Motor Mounts For 63mm Motors On Caliber II Trucks

Fixed Angle Motor Mounts For 63mm Motors On Caliber II Trucks

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Finally! A zero maintenance KISS philosophy fixed angle single piece motor mount that won't creep around and give you a bunch of grief. Designed in Paris by UNiKBOARDS and modified with a longer crossbar and my wonderful name, its the mount I've been looking for my whole damned life. 

9 ounces of 7075 black anodized aluminum will hold your sensored or unsensored 63mm outrunners like a boss no matter what you do to your ride. Use the cross bar to get perfect motor alignment and then crank down on the grubs once centered on the hanger. Use plenty of thread locker and you'll never have to worry about your mounts moving or fasteners coming loose again. 

Belt tensioning is as simple as slipping the motor forward on the counter sunk M4 bolts included to fasten your motor and then cranking then down again. 


  • Two motor mounts
  • Four large grub screws for the mounts
  • Four small grub screws for the mounts
  • Four cross bar bolts
  • One cross bar
  • Eight M4 10mm motor bolts
  • Motors not included


First attach each motor to its mount. Then slip each mount with the motor attached onto the truck hanger. Attach the crossbar and crank down the crossbar bolts to perfectly align the motors with each other. Center the entire assembly to the hanger and make sure everythig lines up with your wheel pulleys. Apply thread locker to the grub screw holes of each mount. Tighten the large grub screws down just enough to still be able to slide the mounts around on the hanger horizontally while not allowing any play vertically. Make sure a second time that your pulleys are aligned properly and that the assembly is centered. Crank down on the little grubs until your afraid to bend your allen key, then the big ones until you've made at least one good grunt. Let the thread locker cure according to your brand's instructions. Happy riding!