Speed Upgrade Kit for Haggy Drive System

Speed Upgrade Kit for Haggy Drive System

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This is an alternate pulley kit for the Haggyboard's Haggy Drive system. This provides a significant speed upgrade by converting your current 15/60 (1:4) pulley ratio to a 16/47 (1:2.9) pulley ratio. 

This kit includes:

  • Two flange-less machined aluminum black anodized 47 tooth wheel pulleys with NSK bearings for 12mm axle for use on Kahua trucks or other 12mm axle trucks
  • Two double flange steel 16 Tooth motor pulleys with keyway and 120 degree oppositional M4 grub screws for 15mm belts, designed to fit keyed 8mm motor shafts. 
  • Two 3mm keys for the motor pulleys

This kit does NOT include the 15mm x 325mm (HTD 5M 325) belts required for use. However, the Haggy Drive System comes with this sized belt and these pulleys will work with it.