SuperFlux GTS Complete Electric Skateboard

SuperFlux GTS Complete Electric Skateboard

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Say hello to my first batch of non-commissioned custom esk8s. After several years of building what you want, I've decided to build what I want instead, and I'm starting with the SuperFlux GTS.

Lots of power, lots of range, plenty of speed and hella flavor will put this sunday cruiser on the street, or wherever else you want it, every day of the week. These boards are hand crafted using some of the finest components the esk8 community has to offer. It's time to start taking long rides at fun speed. 

 Only four of these were made, and they will never be built quite like this again.


  • Flux Motion deck and enclosure, kinda bouncy, tricked out with custom color shift graphics and paint, and clear glass grip
  • 8" MBS T3 tires, 200 x 50, 60 lbs max pressure
  • MBS Rockstar II hubs
  • MBS Metal Matrix II trucks in oil slick finish with medium shock blocks
  • 12s8p Molicel P42A battery pack (50v max, 1491 watt hours) with active balancing
  • 10 Amp wall mountable charger with beefy connector
  • Moon E-Skate 4.4:1 ratio straight cut gear drives, very decent free roll, makes cool sound
  • LHB Totally Bitchin' 190KVS motors (6374, 190KV, hall sensors, sealed)
  • Spintend UBOX motor controller
  • Spintend Uni1 remote with telemetry (board battery level, remote battery level, speedometer, current draw, trip meter) and thumb throttle
  • Smart reverse (reverse won't engage until board is completely stopped)
  • Maximum speed: fast enough
  • Maximum range: about 50 miles, varies with rider weight, riding style, and tire pressure
  • Gold cone and stainless steel trim package for rust-free bolts
  • Color matched motor wire sleeves


  • Complete board ready to ride
  • Free LHB t-shirt in size of your choice (I'll email you about the size)
  • 2 extra tire tubes
  • 10 extra enclosure bolts with gold cones and washers
  • 10 Amp charger
  • Remote with telemetry